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The visit to Athens is a unique experience. It is a magical “journey” to a city with a history of 3,500 years! The visitor today has the opportunity to admire great monuments and masterpieces of art from antiquity and the medieval era, but also in the architectural heritage of the 19th and 20th century.

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The tour starts from the hotel or the place you have indicated to us.
1st Stop Panathenian Olympic stadium
The first part we will visit is the Panathinaikos stadium which was built in 329 BC and took its final form in 1896 where the first Olympic Games in history were dismantled.
2nd Stop Zappio - Columns of Olympian Zeus - Hadrian's Gate
then we will make a stop at the Zappeion mansion located west of the stadium and is one of the most important neoclassical buildings in Athens.

A few meters further you will be able to admire the columns of Olympian Zeus whose construction began in the 6th century BC and was completed in the 2nd century BC and is the largest church in Greece during Hellenistic and Roman times.

At their edge you will see the Hadrian’s Gate which was built in 131 AD and was considered to have been built in honor of the Roman emperor Hadrian to be honored for the many benefits in the city.

3d Stop Constitution square (Syntagma)
Then we will make a stop at Syntagma to admire the building of the Greek parliament and to see up close the glorious guards (prosperous) who stand still 24 hours in front of the Greek parliament.
4th Stop Acropolis - Acropolis museum
Then we will direct you to the most important monument of Greece, the acropolis and the temple of the Parthenon, as well as to the museum of the acropolis to admire up close the most valuable archaeological treasure of Greece and perhaps the world.

Then the guide will give you useful tips and will guide you to the most beautiful alleys of Plaka, the parish, the monastery and Ermou Street which is the most important shopping street in Athens.

Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon

In the south of the Prefecture of Attica, where the Attic sky meets the Aegean Sea, has been for more than 2,500 years the temple of Poseidon, the mythical god of the sea. Its (hitherto unknown) creator decorated the temple with Parian marble sculptures depicting Theseus’ feats, as well as battles with Centaurs and Giants.

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The tour starts from the hotel or the place you have indicated to us. It concerns only the tour from Athens. We would suggest you to make this excursion starting around 17:30 to 18:00 so that you can enjoy the wonderful and famous sunset from the temple of Poseidon in Sounio which we see at around 19:45.
1st Stop Glyfada
The route will be from the coastal road so that throughout the route you can enjoy the beaches of the Saronic Gulf.

First we will pass through a wonderful coastal area, Glyfada for our first stop.

2nd Stop Lake Vouliagmeni
We will make a stop at the beautiful lake of Vouliagmeni about 30 minutes from the center of Athens.

This lake with a depth of 50-100 meters and a temperature of 22 to 29 degrees is an attraction from all over Greece as swimming in it has beneficial effects on health.

3rd Stop Sounio - Temple of Poseidon
Then we will pass by other areas by the sea such as Varkiza, Lagonisi, Saronida and we will reach Sounio to enjoy the magnificent temple of Poseidon which dates from the 5th century BC.

After admiring the temple and the wonderful sunset we will head to a traditional tavern for your meal and then we will return to your destination.

Athenian Riviera

Just 7 km from the city center, is the famous Athenian Riviera. It lies along the Saronic Gulf where the visitor can find dozens of organized beaches and many free beaches. The natural beauty is really impressive. The Athenian Riviera is ideal for walking, swimming and water sports and golf.

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The tour starts from the hotel or the place you will indicate to us.
1st Stop Glyfada 1st Stop Glyfada 1st Stop Glyfada First stop Glyfada First stop Glyfada
The tour starts from the coastal boulevard and after passing the very beautiful coastal areas such as Faliro, Alimos and Elliniko we will make a stop for coffee in the beautiful Glyfada.
2nd Stop Lake Vouliagmeni
Then we will head to Vouliagmeni which is nearby to visit the beautiful lake of Vouliagmeni where you can even enjoy your swimming since its waters are beneficial for health.

In both areas you will choose our stay depending on what you like best.

3rd Stop Vari
Finally we will visit the area with the most beautiful and traditional Greek taverns outside Athens in Vari. There you will enjoy the rich delicacies of our country in combination with our tradition. After enjoying your meal we will then return to your hotel.

McArthour Glen - Attica Zoological Park

The Attica Zoological Park is a zoo located in Eastern Attica. The discount village McArthurGlen is located in Spata, next to the Attica Zoological Park. Just 30 minutes from the center of Athens and 15 minutes from Athens International Airport – Eleftherios Venizelos. These two destinations combine beautifully as a day trip for the whole family.

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The tour starts from the hotel or the place you will indicate to us. On this trip we will visit two places that meet the needs of the whole family.
1st Stop Attica Zoological Park
First we will visit the Attica Zoological Park which is a huge area of 200 acres which includes more than 2000 animals from 290 different species which visitors can admire in well organized spaces.
2nd Stop McArthurGlen
Then we will head to the discount village McArthurGlen which has an area of 21 acres and includes over 100 shops as well as 10 restaurants and cafes where you combine your shopping with your walk and all this at the best prices.
Of course you will choose how long you want to stay longer in both places and we will take you directly to where you want.

Then we return to your destination

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