A day in the capital city

Visiting Athens is an extraordinary experience. It is a “magical” journey to a history of 3500 years old.
Our visitors have the ability to admire special monuments and the excellence of art of the ancient and middle age era.
Our visitor enjoy the Greek hospitality and the sunshine of Attica sky as well as the unique natural region of Attica (beaches and mountain sights).

History of the city

The history of Athens begins back in the 15th century B.C. (according to the Neolithic and millennia era). The city was built around acropolis and the cliffs of Pnyka and Philopapou.

The Parthenon, symbol of the Athenian democracy, and also a classical architecture, was build at 448 B.C. On the cliff of acropolis, as an appreciation to the Olympian gods, for removing the Persian threat.

On the cliff of Pnyka, St.Paull (53 B.C.) Introduced the new region of Christianity in front of the members of council of the supreme court. At that time the first Christian community was established by bishop Dionysius Areopagitis.

Athens became the capital of the Hellenic Republic in 1835 (13 years after the beginning of Greek revolution) replacing the city of Nafplio.

  • Duration: 4 or 6 hours
  • Παροχές: Transportation, item storage, Wi-fi, Free wifi, powerbank
  • Passengers: 1 – 50
  • Highlights: Panathenian stadium – Zappio – Syntagma square – Columns of Olympian Zeus – Handrian’s Gate – Acropolis – Acropolis Museum

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The tour starts from the hotel or the place you have indicated to us.

1st Stop Panathinaiko Stadium

The first place we will visit is the Panathenaic Stadium which was built in 329 BC. and took its final form in 1896 where the first Olympic Games in history took place.

2nd Zappeion – Columns of Olympian Zeus – Hadrian’s Gate

Then we will make a stop at the Zappeion mansion located west of the stadium and is one of the most important neoclassical buildings in Athens.

A few meters further you will be able to admire the columns of Olympian Zeus whose construction began in the 6th century BC. and was completed in the 2nd BC. and is the largest church in Greece during Hellenistic and Roman times.

At their edge you will see the Hadrian’s Gate built in 131 AD. and was considered to have been built in honor of the Roman emperor Hadrian to honor the many benefits to the city.

3rd Stop Syntagma Square

Then we will make a stop at Syntagma to admire the building of the Greek parliament and to see up close the glorious guards (prosperous) who stand still 24 hours in front of the Greek parliament.

4th Stop Acropolis Museum

Then we will direct you to the most important monument of Greece, the acropolis and the temple of the Parthenon, as well as to the museum of the acropolis to admire up close the most valuable archaeological treasure of Greece and perhaps the world.

Then the guide will give you useful tips and will guide you to the most beautiful alleys of the plate, to thissio, to the monastery as well as to Ermou street which is the most important commercial street of Athens.

Useful information

Whatever you need during your tour you will ask the guide and he will be happy to serve you. Our priority is your pleasure.

At the end of your ride the guide will be waiting for you at the point you have jointly indicated to return you to your destination.

(The price does not include the cost of entry to archeological sites)

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