Arcadia - Day Tour

Most important sights


The historic town of Dimitsana is amphitheatrically built at an altitude on the ruins of the great ancient city of Teuthis, on the river Lousios. It is a traditional, preserved settlement with rich historical memories, with tall stone houses, traditional architecture, cobbled streets and narrow cobbled streets.

During the Revolution of 1821, Dimitsana was an important supply center for gunpowder in the Peloponnese, which supplied the fighters of Roumeli and Moria. Dimitsana was the birthplace of Patriarch Gregory V and the German of Old Patras, whose houses you can admire. Kolokotronis maintained here, during the Struggle, the largest gunpowder depot in the Peloponnese. There are still around six gunpowder mills.


Stemnitsa is one of the most historic areas of Arcadia and has a rich history that is lost in the depths of the centuries. It played an important role in the Revolution of 1821 since it was the supply center of the Revolution while many people from Stemnitsa were fighters and members of the Friendly Society. The area was the seat of the First Peloponnesian Senate and hosted the First Peloponnesian Senate from May 27 to mid-June 1821.

Beautiful and picturesque, Stemnitsa is a model of traditional Arcadian architecture and will impress you with its picturesque cobbled streets, lively square, beautiful Byzantine churches and stone mansions.


is considered one of the most famous tourist resorts in the Peloponnese and one of the best in Greece. In winter it is often covered with snow and offers a unique image to the visitor. Mansion and hospitable, beautiful and peaceful with the old stone houses, the picturesque tree-lined streets as well as the square with the old church, Vytina is an attraction for many visitors rewarding them with unforgettable holidays.

  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Benefits: Transfer, item storage, free Wi-Fi, power bank
  • Passengers: 1 – 4
  • Highlights: Isthmus of Corinth – Traditional settlement of Dimitsana – Road of Love (Vytina) – Monastery of the Philosopher – Gorge of Lousi river – Traditional settlement of Stemnitsa

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The start should take place by 09:00 due to the distance that we have to cover since it is an all day trip.

The excursion starts until 09:00 so that there is time to visit all the places.

1st Stop Isthmus of Corinth

Our first stop will be about 30 minutes and specifically in the Isthmus where we will see the impressive bridge.

2nd Stop Levidi

Then we will head to Arcadia where in about 90 minutes we will meet Levidi the first village of our excursion to dine in one of the best traditional Greek taverns in the area.

3rd Stop Vytina

Our next stop will be in Vytina just 15-20 minutes from Levidi.
Built at a height of 1033 meters on Mount Mainalo in an area dominated by pines, firs and chestnuts.
There we will walk on the “Road of Love” which is made between fragrant maples and plane trees. their ride on this wonderful route.
We will also walk in the picturesque and stone alleys of the area where you will be able to discover the local and pure products of the area.

4th Stop Dimitsana

Then we will head to Dimitsana and Stemnitsa, two villages located 20 and 25 minutes respectively after Vytina.
In Dimitsana will be our first stop, where we will admire one of the most important villages in the area where the stone houses and the magnificent goddess will fascinate you.
Here we will admire the monastery of the philosopher as well as the gorge of the lush river. You will enjoy your coffee enjoying the incredible goddess that this unique place offers you.

5th Stop Stemnitsa

Then we will head to the traditional village of Stemnitsa. A village that CNN has included in the 10 most beautiful villages in Europe. Our last stop will be in the village of Lagadia which is located about 25 minutes from Stemnitsa.
It is built on a steep slope of the mountain and for this reason it is characterized as the hanging village! The view you enjoy as soon as you enter the village is something that will fascinate you. A walk is enough to find out why it is characterized as a village of wild beauty.

Then we take the road back to the hotel or to the point you indicate.

AiA wanting you to stay as happy as possible allows you to choose how long you will stay in each area depending on which place you like best. Just inform the driver and he will consent to your choice.

Whatever you need during the trip you will ask the guide so that your trip is pleasant all the way.
Also in case you want to extend your trip in time you will ask the guide and depending on the time there will be a financial burden of course this after consultation.

(The price does not include the cost of entrance to archeological sites)

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