Delfi - Day Tour


The center of earth

Delphi, on Mount Parnassos, in Central Greece, was considered the center of the universe by the ancient world and was therefore called the navel of the earth. There was the most important oracle of the ancient Greek world, whose fame far exceeded the borders of Greece. The oracle of Delphi was dedicated to the god Apollo and Pythia, the respective Priestess, had the role of intermediary to convey the oracle to those interested / visitors. At the site of the oracle of Delphi, there was a prehistoric sanctuary dedicated to Gaia, the Great Mother.

The place is accompanied by mystical legends and exudes power and mysticism that create the impression to the visitor that he travels back in time and is at the beginning of the world.

A monument of world heritage

Delphi has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is an attraction for many visitors (Greeks and foreigners) every year.

The sights of Delphi are many. The most important of these are the Temple of Apollo, the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, the Ancient Theater of Delphi, the Treasure of the Athenians, the Holy Road, Castalia Pigi, the Dome of Athena Pronea.

Finally, the old church of Agios Konstantinos with its amazing works of art and the Church of Agios Nikolaos, which houses the relics of great Saints of the Greek Orthodox Church, are also worth a visit.

  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Benefits: Transfer, item storage, free Wi–fi, power bank
  • Passengers: 1 – 50
  • Highlights: Thebes – Delphi – Arachova – St. Lucas monastery

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Start time

The tour starts from the hotel or the place you have indicated to us.

The excursion starts until 09:00 so that there is time to visit all the places.

1st Stop Livadia

Livadia is the capital of the prefecture of Viotia. It is built at an altitude of 200 meters, in the western part of the prefecture. It is surrounded by mountains with Parnassos to the north of the city and Elikonas to the south, at the foot of which the old town of Livadia was built.

It is a special city, with pure ‘Greek characteristics’, which with its history and myths became a source of inspiration for poets, painters and sculptors of all centuries.

2nd Stop Delphi

Then we will head to the archeological site of Delphi in an imposing natural landscape where there is the famous oracle of Greece where Pythia gave its oracles. There we will visit the temple of Apollo, the treasure of the Athenians, the Castalia spring, the ancient high school, the ancient theater and the archeological museum.

3rd Stop Arachova

Then we will visit Arachova, one of the most picturesque villages in the countryside, where we will enjoy our coffee and lunch in the traditional alleys of the village.

4th Stop Monastery of Saint Luke

On the way back we can visit the monastery of Saint Luke if one of the most important monuments of mid-Byzantine art and architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Then we take the road back to the hotel or to the place you will indicate.

(The price does not include the cost of entrance to archeological sites)

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