Nafplion - Day Tour


The first capital of Greece

Nafplio is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the Peloponnese and throughout Greece. It is located 140 kilometers southwest of Athens in the Peloponnese. It was the first capital of the Greek state after the liberation (from 1823 to 1834) while according to mythology it was built by Nafplio, son of Poseidon and Danaida Animonis.

Most important sights


The visitor of Nafplio can stroll through the picturesque alleys of the Old Town and visit Syntagma Square, the Church of Agios Spyridon (where Ioannis Kapodistrias was assassinated) and the Archaeological Museum. An important attraction is the castle of Palamidi, to which the visitor must reach the famous 999 steps.

One of the highlights of every visit to Nafplio is Bourtzi, a Venetian castle built on the rocky islet of Agios Theodoros. In Venetian times the island was connected to Nafplio with a huge chain that served as a defense mechanism for the city.


Mycenae was one of the largest centers of Greek culture, being a powerful military fortress that dominated most of southern Greece. The archeological site of Mycenae is located about 90 km from Athens, in the Prefecture of Argolida.


Of all the ancient theaters, the theater of Epidaurus is the most beautiful and the best preserved. It was built in 340 BC. from Polykleitos. Intended for the entertainment of patients has a capacity of 13,000 spectators. Is divided into two parts. One of the 21 rows of seats for the people and below, from 34 rows of seats, for the priests and the lords.

  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Benefits: Transfer, item storage, free Wi-Fi, power bank
  • Passengers: 1 – 50
  • Highlights: Isthmus of Corinth – Ancient City of Corinth – Mycenae – Nafplio – Epidaurus

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Start time

The start should take place until 09:00 due to the distance that we have to cover since it is an all-day excursion.

The excursion starts until 09:00 so that there is time to visit all the places.

1st Stop Isthmus of Corinth – Ancient City of Corinth

Our first stop will be about 50 minutes and specifically in the Isthmus where we will see the impressive bridge and then we will head to the ancient city of Corinth very close to the Isthmus which will admire the city inhabited from the Neolithic years 5000-3000 BC. .Χ. and in ancient times it was the richest city in Greece. There we will admire the temple of Apollo, the Pyrenees Fountain and many finds kept in the archaeological museum.

2nd Stop Mycenae

Next stop will be in Mycenae where in 2000 BC. was one of the greatest centers of Greek culture. There we will see the tomb of Agamemnon, the Cyclopean walls, the gate of the Lions and many other finds.

3rd Stop Nafplio

The next stop will be in the enchanting Nafplio where we will have the opportunity to enjoy coffee, a walk in the picturesque alleys of the city and lunch in a traditional Greek tavern. We will also visit Palamidi the beautiful castle with the magnificent goddess and we will enjoy the bourtzi the small castle located in the sea.

4th Stop Epidavros

Our last visit will be to Epidaurus where we will visit the ancient theater of Epidaurus and see up close its superior acoustics.

Then we take the road back to the hotel or to the point you indicate.

(The price does not include the cost of entrance to archeological sites)

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